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Easier. Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Easier. Better. Faster. Cheaper.

East Midlands

Nestled in the heart of England, our East Midlands location stands as a beacon of process excellence.

Lean 6 Sigma Training in the East Midlands provides specialised training and consultation services, helping businesses reach new levels of efficiency and quality in their operations. Whether your business is situated in the historic city of Nottingham, the manufacturing hubs of Derby, or the cultural centre of Leicester, we're dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance.

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Our Services

Here at Lean 6, we bring our services to you.

Further Professional Development and Training

We provide a range of professional development and training programs that cater to various aspects of skill enhancement and growth.

Health & Safety

Our commitment to health and safety goes beyond mere compliance; it's about fostering a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of your business. 

Organisational Lean Management

We understand that effective leadership is the cornerstone of successful business transformation.


We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of workshops that enhance your skills and knowledge.

Sigma Training

We understand that recognising and optimising these processes is the key to unlocking organisational excellence.

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Interested in our services?

We're always committed to helping our clients thrive and reach their goals.

Easier. Better. Faster. Cheaper.

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