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Our "Warehousing and Storage" program focuses on the specific requirements within warehouse operations. Efficient warehousing and storage are crucial for the smooth flow of products and materials. This course provides insights and best practices to optimise these operations, improving overall efficiency and streamlining your current processes.

Warehousing and Storage

Recognising and managing potential business risks is paramount. Our "Introduction to Risk and Change" program empowers individuals and businesses to identify, assess, and reduce risks. Moreover, we discuss how to implement and manage change effectively, both in business processes and the workforce. Our consultant services and follow-up training further ensure that risk management and change strategies are seamlessly integrated into your organisation.

Introduction to Risk and Change

At Lean 6 Services, we embrace the philosophy of "use it or lose it." We believe that knowledge and skills are most valuable when put into action. With our professional development and training programs, we not only impart knowledge but also guide you in its practical application. These programs are designed to enhance your capabilities, foster innovation, and ensure that the skills you acquire are actively used to drive improvement.

Use it or Lose it

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Further Professional Development and Training

We provide a range of professional development and training programs.

Our "Train the Trainer" program is designed to equip skilled trainers with the knowledge and confidence to prepare and deliver effective training sessions. We understand that the success of any training program relies on the trainer's expertise. With this program, we empower trainers to excel in their role and drive meaningful learning experiences.

Train the Trainer

Catering to various aspects to skill enhancement and growth

A person delivering a presentation.

"Introduction to 9001" is an essential program where we delve into ISO9001 standards and their role in enhancing the quality of processes. ISO9001 accreditation is a hallmark of quality and compliance. This course helps organisations understand the benefits of ISO9001 standards and how they can be used to elevate process quality to new heights.

Introduction to 9001

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