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We are proud to be part of the ILSSI Community.

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The logo for the Lean Sigma international institute.

ILSSI is a community of Global professionals focused on collaboration, cooperation and communication to achieve Lean, Sustainable and Smart Value-Streams across businesses and organisations through the use of Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques. ILSSI runs networking events and conferences as well as using our Global Network of Accredited Partners to provide training, certification, coaching and consulting services.  

Education, leading to sustainable business transformation is central to ILSSI values. The institute’s training and certification programs are managed by strategic partners in each global region. We have both Industry and Geographic experience in providing consulting and training services in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.  ILSSI Accredited partners provide a depth of experience for strategic advice as well as project analysis and guidance to both commercial and not-for-profit clients.

We provide Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certifications through our online proctored exams.  We offer all certification levels in 8 different languages.  Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt level.  Also Certified Lean Practitioner, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Certified Quality Professional (CQP), Certified Project Manager (CPM) and Business Process Management (BPM). Certified Lean Six Sigma Organisation.

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